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iWebGrocer.com is a Miami based Business to Business online company that provides ONE-STOP-SHOP services to international buyers of food and general products. Visit our About Us page to learn about what we do.

By creating an account with iwebgrocer.com, after completing the registration form and after a short verification process (in some cases more information might be requested) you will receive a login and password to access the site with all available product pricing. Contact your sales representative for special pricing.

Iwebgrocer.com targets three tiers of customers:

  • Wholesalers/Distributors: Who buys full container loads (FCL) and have mass distributions channels.
  • Supermarket Chains: From a single store to supermarket chains, iwebgrocer.com welcomes all orders.
  • Small Independent Business: Usually buy small quantities of assorted products.

No, most products are made in the USA but we have some products from other areas of North America, you will be able to see the country of origin on the product page.

Iwebgrocer.com offers one of the largest listings of wholesale goods in the world, in case a required product is not shown in our catalog, inform your account Sales Representative or note it on the comment box when creating a quote.

No, customers are encouraged to place their orders online. However a sales representative is always available to assist with any questions or concerns.

Iwebgrocer.com accepts the standard secured International methods of payment:

  • International Bank Transfers: made in the seller’s currency (US Dollars)
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credits (Depending on the country)
  • Cash Against Documents (Through Foreign Bank and US local Bank)

Yes, the preference is a single layer of each item but we also accept lower quantities (price varies based on quantities). Contact your sales representative for details.

Each order has a weight and volume calculator next to the container truck icon on top of the page, also refer to the container builder page 101 for guidelines.

Iwebgrocer.com's corporate office and warehouse is located in Miami, FL, orders that are loaded from this warehouse are shipped from Port of Miami or Port Everglades, depending on the shipping line. We also ship from various ports around the USA.

The status of an order can be tracked through the "My Account" portal, once the container is shipped you will be provided with a tracking number to connect to the shipping company’s tracking page.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for customers to submit a claim. Below are the steps that need to be follow to file a claim:

  • Please download our claim form
  • Complete the claim form with all the information pertaining to the order. (i.e. Invoice number, Invoice date, Container Number, etc.)
  • Attached all relevant pictures and documents to support the claim, this will help us expedite the review process.
  • All claims will have a 72 hours processing time. An e-mail with our approval/denial will be sent to the customers within this time frame.
  • Claims related to transportation only apply if container was loaded by Iwebgrocer.com.

* All claims are subject to an internal review based on information provided by the customer to support the claim. Lack of information may result on the claim been rejected.

iwebgrocer.com offers both, product filtering on the left hand column of the category /product pages and a product search feature. Customers can use these tools to locate products with particular characteristics such as Kosher, Gluten Free, Halal, etc.

After an order has been placed and it has been confirmed by your sales representative; Iwebgrocer.com will allow a 48 hour window for changes, after this timeframe has expired the order will be considered final and no changes will be accepted.

Each shipping line has its own regulations on demurrage, detention time & rates:

  • Maersk Shipping Line allows 5 days of free detention time
  • MSC shipping line allows 8 days of free detention time
  • UASC Shipping Line, on special request, allows 10 or more days

* For additional free detention time send in a request at the time of booking, this would depend on the Port of destination/shipping lines’ discretion

To ship refrigerated or frozen items we have to book a Reefer container with a specific temperature respective of the products (Example: chocolates are shipped 16.5C. with vents closed), the temperature has to be predetermined before booking. All the items in a Reefer container have to be placed on pallets due to moisture and/or condensation. For container sizing details visit the container builder 101 page.